ASIDE.IO Shutdown Info

ASIDE.IO Is Shutting Down :(

When, Why, And More

ASIDE has been developed and maintained exclusively by me, Phillip Rymek (, @philrymek, LinkedIn), and the thoughts on this page are my own and not of Salesforce.

I am a Salesforce employee, but ASIDE is not created or endorsed by Salesforce. Salesforce has indicated to me that I need to shutdown ASIDE within the next couple months (target date June 1st, 2019) for reasons I cannot disclose. I can say that I am not being asked to shutdown ASIDE due to any concerns about security, data integrity, or any other issue about ASIDE itself.

Currently, the only option I have to keep ASIDE alive is to get permission to convert it to an open source project and distance myself from it. As such, I will no longer be hosting it. However, that does not mean the project has to die. Once it becomes an open source project, there are a few ways you can help ASIDE remain operational. I will update this website with more details once ASIDE has been open sourced. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Thanks for all your support over the years,
Phil Rymek